Statement and Resume



With each of my pieces, there is a story about the tree that the wood comes from. Most of the wood I use is rescued from large, local trees purposely removed or fallen from storms. Often it is a tree that someone knew and loved. Therefore, the tree is not just a source of wood; it is also a part of history.


My intent is to integrate that history into a form that speaks through the wood's unique properties, as well as to expand this statement through enhancements of texture, color, carving, and pyrography.




Elizabeth (e) has been working with wood since childhood. Having a Swedish cabinetmaker-grandfather and an architect & furniture-designer father, e was surrounded by the love and respect for nature, trees and the beauty of wood.


Since the mid-1990's e has concentrated on creating artistic and architectural wood turnings. Having studied with master turners, such as Allan Batty of England , e's work has evolved to include vessel-oriented forms and sculptural carvings.


A native Californian, e completed a Bachelor of Science degree from University of California, Berkeley, School of Forestry and pursued graduate studies in population genetics on the East coast.


For many years a technology career sent e throughout the world, which further fed a passion as a life-long student of the arts.


e works out of the studio in Benicia, California and participated in many group shows at San Francisco galleries, San Francisco Street Artist program, and accepted into many juried exhibitions.







2011 Turning 25 - A Celebration American Association of Woodturners Exhibtion

  Art of the Community - Arts Benicia

2010 Bancroft Garden's Sculpture In The Garden Exhibit

  Benicia Artists Open Studios

  Studio 41 – Benicia, California

  Art of the Community - Arts Benicia

2009 History in the Making - Camel Barn Exhibition

  Benicia Artists Open Studios

2007 Turning Green - American Association of Woodturners Exhibit, Portland College of Art and Craft, Portland, OR

2006 California Contours 2006 – San Luis Obispo Art Center Juried Exhibition

  Cartlidge & Browne Winery Art Exhibition

2004 Greenfield Winery - Art Exhibition

  Art in the Park - Benicia

2003 The Big Tree Project - Bedford Gallery, Dean Lesher Regional Center for the Arts, Walnut Creek, CA

  Blue Heron Gallery – Yountville, California

2002 Martinez Court Art Project, Martinez, California

  Blue Heron Gallery  - Yountville, California

2001 Danville Fine Arts Gallery – Danville, California


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